Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Chris Port Blog #174. Superman Versus The Uberbabes (Scene 17 of 17) Superman reverses time.

Superman Versus The Uberbabes
© Chris Port, 2000
 A Youth Theatre 'Play In A Day'

This little playlet was written VERY quickly (first and only draft) for a ‘play in a day’ at a youth theatre with LOTS of kids! It’s (hopefully) fun and silly, with a slightly more adult message underneath...

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Superman reverses time.


[Superman travels around the world faster than light, causing it to go back in time. As the Newsreader reads out each decade, groups form an appropriate tableau].

News from the noughties! New war on terror!
Banks say property’s never an error!

News from the Nineties! News on the hour!
Simpsons on nightly! Spicy girl power!

News from the Eighties! News on the hour!
Falklands retaken! Yuppies get louder!

News from the Seventies! News on the hour!
Punk spews up Labour! Thatcher to power!

News from the Sixties! News on the hour!
Peace, love and hippies! War and flower power!

News from the Fifties! News on the hour!
Rock’n’roll Elvis! Old Eisenhower!

News from the Forties! Victory in Europe!
Demob the forces! Baby boom hope!

[There are 2 possible endings in descending order of satire].

Ending 1:

Everyone to end in period singing GOD BLESS AMERICA with hand on heart as the Stars and Stripes hangs from the back].

As the ensemble sing the final line ‘My home-sweet-home’ they move their right arm from their heart in a three-stage ‘operatic’ gesture, ending in a Nazi salute. The American flag drops away to reveal another flag underlying it: a harsh black dollar sign on a white circle with a red background – a Nazi Dollar flag.


Ending 2:

Play MOONLIGHT SERENADE by GLEN MILLER. A Forties Mother brings her sweet little toddler onstage from the audience and  prepares him for bed, putting on his SUPERMAN pyjamas. Play SUPERMAN theme. Toddler runs up stairs in flying mode to ‘Ahhs’ from all the women in the audience. Not sure what the audience learn from this ending, but it keeps the parents happy and us in jobs.


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