Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Chris Port Blog #3: Marty Gull - Status Update and Complete Lyrics - Link to Central School of Speech and Drama

Link to Central School of Speech and Drama 

First draft lyrics have been completed. The song titles are listed below. I’ll post songs individually for comment, then all together in one libretto for easy reference. 

Marty Gull - Complete Lyrics
© Chris Port, 2010,
All right reserved.

A couple of people have politely asked about money. Although the musical itself is not designed to make money (it's an educational 'pathfinder' project), the 'guerrilla handbook' hopefully will. Obviously I will come to a copyright arrangement with people whose material I use (including music, lyric redrafts, notes, observations and suggestions). Spin-off work is welcome too. If anything fires you to write a song or poem or abstract piece of music or draw or paint something, that's all in the spirit of the project. Now that I've learned how to write musical lyrics ('all art begins in imitation and ends in innovation' - part of the thesis) I would like to get a team together to work on some completely original pieces. These will be designed to make money! It's all 'toe-in-the-door' stuff at the moment.

One final point. I need to cut the number of songs down (it's called 'murdering your darlings...'). If nothing else, it would be helpful if people could just flick through the songs as I post them and give each one a personal score out of 10 in the comment box - no justification required, but comments always welcome. If you want to keep your involvement low key, you can always email me directly at 

Thank you for your help.


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