Thursday, 18 November 2010

Chris Port Blog #13: Marty Gull Song #5. Thank Music For Silly Girls!

© Chris Port, 2010,
All rights reserved.

Each time I teach a Lolita, oh Nabokov, oh Kubrick
I can’t resist artistic lust, you license me, thank music
For silly girls
For silly flirts wet dreaming that they’re stars
Thank music for silly girls
It gets their scheming skirts in backs of cars
Those little buds so pushed up in black lace bras
Today I’ll cup and kiss and promise we’re true lovers
Thank music for silly girls
Thank costumed musicals, Chicago oh, her ego blooms
Without style how would paedophiles groom?
Thank music
Thank music
Thank music for silly girls!

Thank Heaven For Little Girls from Gigi

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