Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Chris Port Blog #7: Marty Gull Song #2. Never Mind

© Chris Port, 2010,
All rights reserved.

Never mind
Never mind
Whoever said life was kind?
A beer down the pub
Will soon cheer you up
A pint with a mate and a plate full of grub

Never mind
Never mind
The deaf, the dumb and the blind
Who litter the street
With bitter defeat
Will soon disappear when there’s nothing to eat

Never mind
Never mind
To look for love is to find
That girl from next door
Fourteen and cock-sure
For twenty quid now is an old knackered whore

Never mind
Never mind
The government rob you blind
Though men hate their job
A foreign sweatshop
Will soon undercut if you don’t shut your gob

Never mind
Never mind
What cancer’s ever benign?
That eats at the soul
And leaves a black hole
We had a fat chance now we’re down to the bone

Never mind
Never mind
The rope that hangs you is kind
When all hope is gone
A good cockney song
A knot at me throat and the choke won’t take long

Never mind
Never mind
Our corpses you’ll never find
Each man tops himself
For sake of his health
Of course some insurance ensures future wealth

Never mind
Never mind
In far-off climes you will find
There’s no happiness
But this is the next
Best thing that there is. Never mind!

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