Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Chris Port Blog #35: Marty Gull Song #16. Over A Chip Shop

© Chris Port, 2010, martygull.co.uk.
All rights reserved.

Somewhere in a red lit room
Up dark stairs
There’s a girl that I once knew
Selling her thin white wares.

Somewhere in a red lit room
Ceilings stare
And the wet nicotine walls won’t
Look away or care.

Someday she’ll steal a dealer’s car
And drive out where the streetlights are
Behind her.
Where pills are dropped the rainbow stops
The ambulance and traffic cops
That’s where you’ll find her.

Somewhere over a chip shop
Young girls sleep
Men walk out of a chip shop
Why then, oh why can’t she?

If happy little children be
Outside the chip shop
Why, oh why, can’t she?

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