Thursday, 18 November 2010

Chris Port Blog #15: Marty Gull Song #6. I Don’t Know How To Teach Her

© Chris Port, 2010,
All rights reserved.

I don’t know how to teach her
What to find, how to reach her
She’s a fool, yes she’s a fool
But she’s young and bright, like the sun at night
Her mind is pure moonlight

I don’t know how to capture
The moonbeam of her rapture
She’s a girl, she’s just a girl
And I’ve taught so many girls before
Oh it’s a wicked world
She’s just one more

Should I tutor her?
In the star’s future?
Should I father her?
Let me care for her?
I never thought I’d fall for her
Oh Cordelia

Don’t you think it’s comi-tragic?
She is blind to all life’s magic
She’s the dream who could have been
So wise, so kind, those eyes would find
Tears of beauty oh
She fears me so

I never saw that Judas kiss
On those sulking lips
Yet if she found her promise
I could die, I’d be smiling
I could have hope, just give her hope
But suspicion, and ambition
She doesn’t want to know
She fears me so
Her moonlight glow

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