Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Chris Port Blog #51: Marty Gull Song #24. Chick Argot Tango

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You know how teachers have these little talents that get you down. Like Gully. Gully liked to write poetry. No, not write. Spew. Well, I came in late one day and I am really moody, and looking for a little tragedy, and there’s Gully exhausted, depressed, off his head on pills and writin’. No, not writin’. Spewin’. So, I said to him, I said, “Gully, help me with my writin’...” And he did! So I took the poem he wrote me to the Head. He got a written warning ... into his heart.

I met Marty Gull from Southside College about two years ago and he told me he went to Drama school and I fed him a line right away. So, he started helping me. He’d lend me things, I’d play helpless, he’d give me advice. Well, it was like a greenhouse in that small hot room. And then he found out. “Actress” I told him. Actress my ass. Not only was it musicals. Oh no, I had an ego. One of those bitches. So that day he told me off for bunking, I sniffled like a beaten child. You know, some guys just can’t hold their conscience! 

I guess you can say I stitched him up over musical differences.
He saw me as an actress, and I saw myself as a star.

The dirty man, man, man, man, man
The dirty man, man, man, man, man

Cell Block Tango from Chicago

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