Thursday, 18 November 2010

Chris Port Blog #17: Marty Gull Song #7. Judy Garland

© Chris Port, 2010,
All rights reserved.

See the shit on the pavement
And a girl who is dancing
Down a yellow brick road
Judy Garland
I dare to wear your slippers today
Let the wizard understand

Here’s a poem from Marty
Has the man lost his marbles?
He can’t get my new style 
The wizard grieves, can’t get me at all
And the Head begins to smile

Musicals are romantic
No more poor ugly duckling
I am beautiful now
You remember
my clothes were bought from charity shops
Let the music drown that out

Every teacher
seems to reach a
point of mental breakdown 
Scorn and rumour
Exhausted humour
And soon he’ll wear that thorn crown

Let me be Judy Garland
Let me be a great dancer
Let me learn how to sing
When the chance calls
A girl will throw a man to the wolves
And my new life will begin

Burnt out men in smoky cars
Who failed to smell the coffee
You talk of art I couldn’t give a toss for
I couldn’t give a toffee

Teach me
But you can’t ever reach me
You are lost in a memory
Of a world that is gone
If you teach me
You’ll understand what tragedy is
Look my life is just a song

Memory from Cats

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