Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Chris Port Blog #45: Marty Gull Song #21. Madness

© Chris Port, 2010, martygull.co.uk.
All rights reserved.

Red light
See the girls by the roadside
And our Judy who’s so tired
Of the world at her feet
It’s the car ride
Around the block, a twenty quid note
But the kids home need to eat

Monsters loose in the graveyard
Recognizing the ill-starred
Sing the songs of their class
Like the schoolyard
The littered street coughs spit at my feet
And the moon baboons his arse

Know that hopes are disastrous
Like a slow motion car crash
Oh God blow out those stars
In the darkness I seem to see the truth in the trash
Left in black bags outside bars

Daytime schoolgirl
Plays the call girl
Calls my name, I look down
Smiling shyly
I’m crying quietly
And now I’m in a strange town 

Men must harden their hearts, yes
Even pardon the starlets
Who are drawn into porn
When the mind falls
I find I fight my conscience all night
‘Til my cold soul greets the dawn

Ochred eyes in pokey dives
The wild child bride Egyptians
Who sip Black Russians with lips so bee stung
I think of Ingrid Bergman

Kiss me
There’s nobody to miss me
I don’t fit any memory
But I think I was young
If you kiss me
You’ll never know but madness is love
Look my life is nearly done

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