Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Chris Port Blog #276. Can you guess what it is yet?

Interesting. The seagull knocked over his second largest number of dustbins yesterday (if page views count as dustbins…)

The post triggers were comparatively innocuous. The first six busted axle months were spent laboriously drilling the project’s foundations. It’s a stratified bedrock: art, education and philosophy. Passers-by peered over the fence for half a year, but failed to see any building. However, as soon as the pillars of “science” and “religion” erected themselves at the entrance, people started to roam like ghosts through its walless rooms.

When I was growing up, science and religion were widely considered to be among the dullest things on earth. Now they provoke suicide bombers, smart bombs and Facebook sermons. How strange to live through the epoch transition from postmodernism to post-postmodernism. Even stranger when you glimpse what the historians will probably write (about the era, not my project, I'm not that mad). It’s a bit like being an excitable Rolf Harris. “Can you guess what it is yet?”

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