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Chris Port Blog #308. Marty Gull - The Guerilla Guide to Revenge Musicals Publishing Pitch

Marty Gull - The Guerrilla Guide to Revenge Musicals
Publishing Pitch
© Chris Port, 31st July 2011

Contact:    Chris Port / Marty Gull

Format:     An instruction manual on how to create a ‘revenge musical’.

Style:      Darkly humorous, pseudo-military, cod-revolutionary, artistic manifesto and technical manual (camouflaging libelous fact with ludicrous fiction).

Length:     150 pages of playscript,
songs and poetry
150 pages of production notes,
guidelines and support material
= 300 pages

Audience:   16+ media literate intertextualists, interested in political art: theatre, film, TV, music, writing and education. Specifically targeted at English, Arts and Media teachers, students and diverse practitioners.

Manual:     The manual will be divided into two roughly equal parts.

1.          The playscript and libretto for Marty Gull, an original ‘revenge musical’ set in the treacherous underworld of education – together with ‘offshoot’ material for adaptation.

2.          Production notes for those who wish to create their own revenge musicals, including anticipated problems, ‘hard knocks’ advice, practical exercises and academic ammunition.

Series:     The book will hopefully be the first of an interactive series. It is therefore not a finished product but a formative process.

Aim:        The broader aim is to develop a new collaborative form of musical theatre. I hope to include contributions in the book from other lyricists, composers, musicians, actors and designers (copyright to be arranged).

Develop:    I would like to submit the book to my alma mater, The Central School of Speech and Drama, to be developed in theatre workshops with a view to both public performance and research development. Ultimately, I would be interested in using all of this as a springboard for a PhD thesis on new art forms and musical theatre.

Examples:   For early examples of style and content, please see:

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Chris Port
31st July 2011

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  1. “The management started this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bully everyone else, and nobody was going to fight back. At News of the World, Southside Business College, and half a hundred other places, they put their rather naive theory into operation. They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind.” ~ Marty ‘Bastard’ Gull

    “We are going to scourge corrupt management from end to end. We are purging institutions scandal by scandal and ever more terribly in order to make it impossible for idiots to go on running them. That is our object, and we shall pursue it relentlessly.” ~ Marty ‘Bastard’ Gull

    “I do not personally regard the whole of the remaining management of Britain as worth the bones of one decent teacher.” ~ Marty ‘Bastard’ Gull