Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Chris Port Blog #290. Art Will Help You Shuffle

Art Will Help You Shuffle
© Chris Port, June 2011

As you browse, you might want to listen to this sweet little track...

Was there ever
a true lover
under cover
in the sack?
Two white spoons lie
in the moonlight
with a fork spike
in your back.

Like the workmate
who’s your soul mate
in the rat race
pulls your leg,
pins a target
on your jacket,
taps your shoulder
like an egg.

Do you think a
small pink finger
can outnumber
all your friends?
Do you count in
all your gold rings
after shaking
buttered hands?

It’s been rumoured
you have tumours
and your rooms are
a disgrace.
Do you rise late
as the arctic,
step in barefoot
curry plates?

Do char ladies
enter Hades?
Are there vacuum
cleaner gods?
Pray that art will
help you shuffle
like a faithful
coiled dog.

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