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Chris Port Blog #177. Sense of Worth Teachers Pack Chapter 1. Introduction: How To Use This Teachers Pack.

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Central School of Speech and Drama, 1998


Who should use this pack?

This pack is a resource for Personal Social and Health Education teachers. It can also be used by English and Drama teachers.

Who are the activities designed for?

Secondary school girls, Year 11 (aged 15 to 16). It has not been designed with boys in mind but some activities could probably be adapted.

What is the overall theme of the pack?

An exploration of issues arising from identity; in particular, how girls see themselves, how they see others, and how they think others see them.

What are the specific learning areas?

Peer groups, family, racism and sexism.

What are the aims of the pack?

Students will be enabled to externalize, enact and evaluate their concerns, about their own and others identity.

How should the pack be used?

This pack should be used as a resource for devising new lesson plans or to supplement existing ones. Chapters are designed as a series of self-contained lesson activities. They can also be run as a progressive scheme of work. Photocopiable resources are provided with the pack (see Chapter 2. LIST OF RESOURCES).

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