Friday, 11 February 2011

Chris Port Blog #91. Rhizomatic Warfare “... War is coming. A whole new kind of war. And we're going to lose...” [Marty Gull]


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Marty Is Cross-Examined By The Architects

HEVEL: Do you claim to see the future?

MARTY: I claim that you’re a fool. The future is obvious to anyone who cares to see it. Something is coming.

HEVEL: What?

MARTY: Something wondrous...

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Cross-reference Precognition

Cross-reference Marty Is Cross-Examined By The Architects

Cross-reference New Year Revolution

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Dancing With Men: The Choreography of War... 8,000 soldiers make an impressive chorus line. The climactic battle scene from Stanley Kubrick’s epic Spartacus. Brilliant use of sound here. Kubrick directed from on top of specially constructed towers like some martial Busby Berkeley...
Dwarfing Spartacus in scale (though Kubrick dwarfed him in artistic talent) Sergei Bondarchuk recreates the Battle of Waterloo using 15,000 soldiers and 2,000 cavalrymen. The French Cavalry Charge. (Imagine trying to co-ordinate 17,000 dancers and 2,000 horses with explosions and aerial photography...) 
‘It was said that, during its making, director Sergei Bondarchuk was in command of the seventh largest army in the world’. 50 circus stunt riders were used to perform the dangerous horse falls.
“Dramatic fellows these French. Music and banners. Hm. Quite beautiful...”
A Bridge Too Far. Absurdly beautiful. Tragically doomed. An army floats down from the sky. Arnhem, 1944. “Actually, the plan's really very simple... We're going to fly 35,000 men 300 miles and drop them behind enemy lines...”
The relentless power of editing. 
The choreography of pyrotechnics...
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e-publishing and e-marketing (via social networking sites) is the future of business. The future is a rhizome. Unfortunately our retarded education system still thinks it's linear. Business and Enterprise? Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear...

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