Friday, 28 January 2011

Chris Port Blog #63. Love Is Horror

Not bad for a second draft. Tippi’s dance. Probably needs more words...

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Love Is Horror
© Chris Port, 2011

Love is horror
But I hold her
In the hollow
Of my shoulder
Hopeless if a
Cup of kindness
Lifts up to my lips

(I am cursed if the
Thirst of a
Works me with a kiss)

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  1. Oh holy shit, my comment... my questions... , list of our mutual ( all of them you listed here!!!) "..areas of interest and expertise"

    well, Chris, for now I am too worn out to text it all again and, oh yes; don`t know what to pick in "Select profile",,, anyway, if this goes thru the latter tenieweenie draft of my actual text... You are a Facebook-friend of mine= Margrit Marie Manning-Steffen, gee, this is really good stuff here, am absolutely hooked and curious, eager to find out more, but, as said, for now it`s nitenite, Marie with a hug if you want one