Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Chris Port Blog #293. The Education Crunch

by Tim Ross, Education Correspondent, London Evening Standard, 6th July 2011

"... Unions warn of a return to “Dickensian” conditions..." Why should anyone be surprised? The whole system has been infested with corrupt Gradgrinds for years.

I spent 12 years working in the financial services 'industry'. One of my jobs involved investigating investors' complaints. Those frauds and scandals are now a matter of public record. Badly sold endowment mortgages... fraudulently managed pension funds... dodgy 'guaranteed' bonds... Triple-A 'security' ratings... all of which ultimately collapsed into the Credit Crunch (after the smart money ran off with your money).

The writing was on the wall for decades. But nobody wanted to know. "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" ruined our economy. The 'hustle' mindset of performativity, commissions and bonuses motivated executives to become complicit in corruption on a staggering scale. $50 trillion, one fifth of the world's wealth, has 'vanished'. That's the biggest heist in human history. That exact same mindset has now been imported into the public service sector, and education in particular.

I've spent the last few years investigating exactly the same tell-tale signs. Our education system has been hijacked by fools and rogues. Like the boom before the bust, it's maintained the illusion of success with exponential figure-fiddling. Now, it is going to implode. Prepare for the 'Education Crunch'. Scandals. Sackings. Cover-ups... and, caught in the middle, your children's futures, embezzled and lost in data fraud. There is no compensation scheme for that. Once they've been failed by their education, their whole life is thrown on the scrapheap.

What can you do to stop it? Stop sticking your head in the sand, and start listening to the warnings. Moral outrage doesn't solve the problems. But it's a good place to start. Don't let the bastards steal your children's futures without a fight.

Remember. You were warned...

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