Monday, 13 June 2011

Chris Port Blog #272. A Straight Seagull in Southend

© Chris Port, June 2011

In response to BBC News Middle East report 
'Syria Gay Girl in Damascus blog a hoax by US man'

"A blog purportedly written by a gay woman in Syria, which described life in Damascas amid the current political unrest, has been revealed to be a hoax..."  

Following BBC reports of recent bloggery bollocks, Marty would like to reassure his bloggees of three things:

1) he is not a girl;

2) he is not gay;

3) he does not live in Damascus.

Marty Gull is written by 'A Straight Seagull in Southend'.

He sometimes pictures the forces of darkness as café pensioners, grimly breakfasting in a seafront gale, while a gull shits on their heads and steals their chips. He has also been known to knock over dustbins.

A straight seagull in Southend.

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