Friday, 20 May 2011

Chris Port Blog #257. A Few Thoughts On Dance...

Swingdance in Swing Kids (Swing Heil!)

Sing, Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman (If you want to dance your own Swing Heil)

Take a look at this. Incredible... (fast forward to 2:40 - it kicks off big time!) Hellzapoppin' Swing Dance Scene. Choreographed by Frankie Manning, the ‘Ambassador of Swing’

Groovie Movie (1944). Funny jitterbug instructional video

Jitterbug For The Total Beginner

“Simple?” “Funny. Sometimes the simpler the step...”

I think Gene Kelly was the ‘better’ dancer. He was more athletic, balletic, masculine and sensual. But Fred Astaire had effortless hoofer charm and ease. It takes a lot of effort to make tap look so effortless. “Sure he was great, but don't forget Ginger Rogers did everything he did backwards . . . and in high heels!"

The perfect ‘art’ musical? An American in Paris. Gene Kelly (my favourite male ‘musical’ dancer) and George Gershwin’s stunning music. If anyone can find the ballet clip, could they please send me the link? Or I’ll have to sacrifice some beers and buy the film... 

(Gene Kelly’s butt) in Paris

Gene Kelly tap dancing on roller skates...

Fred Astaire dancing with a hat stand...

Gene Kelly did it with mops and brooms...

Even more fraught with danger and accident is dancing onstage with different height levels. But if you could casually leap on and off rostrums without breaking your ankle, it gives the performance much greater visual perspective.

Eventually, with a lot of hard work, you’ll be able to dance on the ceiling...

The greatest dance of physics in film history? Spaceships waltz to the Blue Danube. They spin like lovers, then the universe spins around them as one enters the other. Utterly entrancing.

Really miss the Tiger Feet dance :(

Willow’s Dance (Britt Ekland’s body double gets her kit off) Irritatingly censored. Watch the original.

Utterly shite chav 'musical'. Monster Dance ‘Finale’. You mean, the audience sat through a whole series for this musical indigenza? Teenagers... must be more ‘bored’ than I thought :(

Oh poor Ella Wilcox. Was this the ball you were going to when you met your ‘woman in black’? (See ‘Solitude’, 1883) The ball dance from Polanski’s curiously limp Dance of the Vampires. Oh poor Sharon Tate. She was very beautiful... So, Ella, ‘Laugh at a funeral, and you laugh all alone / The rest of the mourners just stare at you...’ ...

Dance of Death - Masque of the Red Death

Metropolis - Dance of Death (The Whore of Babylon!)

PINA - Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost

Monty Python - The Fish Slapping Dance

The Men Who Stare At Goats. I cannot recommend this film highly enough. I laughed until I danced... Dance scene

Meet Bill Django - Be All You Can Be

“And lo, the beast looked upon the face of beauty. And it stayed its hand from killing. And from that day, it was as one dead.” (Old Arabian Proverb). Another of my all-time favourite films. The original King Kong (1933 - same year as that bastard Hitler came to power). Most beautiful, tragic death in cinema (the remake is an adequate homage, but this is something else – you can see the artist’s hands in the work). A stop-motion model. Thank you for the greatest romance ever. “It was beauty that killed the beast...” This has an annoying modern soundtrack dub. Can’t yet find the complete original death scene. Pure tragic dance though...

Manamana Blue Footed Booby Mating Dance.

Interesting. In keeping with the Gothic revival, vamps are being made into sexy demons again. They’re remaking the classic 80s Fright Night with Colin Farrell as the saturnine new neighbour. David Tennant as the fraud vampire hunter. Wonder how they’ll revamp the classic night club seduction scene?

Head teacher does impromptu "Strength through Joy" dance to improve exam results... Teachers at an Inner City War Zone Academy were delighted to be drafted in for hours of after-school rehearsals to perform an impromptu "Kraft durch Freude" dance routine. Decades of statistical analysis have revealed that most students and teachers are demotivated because they have finally realized that the education system is just a load of bollocks with no job at the end of it. After concerns that a Y.M.C.A. routine may be seen by BNP parents as "promoting homosexuality", the Headteacher settled for "Flashdance fused with M.C. Hammer shit".

How church should be (with Hebrew subtitles) האם אתה רואה את האור?

Fuller clip. With Japanese subtitles...

God, I used to... dream.... about Legs & Co. This one is weird though. Forget the adolescent fantasy. It's a bloody dancing CAMEL!

Possibly the best disco dance off since Saturday Night Fever...

Omid Djalili – Disco Dancing

Watch this and you will cry for sure :(

Synchronized dance... Sometimes the shared beauty of physically being in the moment... Sometimes something more sinister and suppressive... Don’t forget the individual, the misfit who says “No”. Without them, you are mindless boots, stamping on a human face, forever...


This is it

Radio Gaga

Do the Hustle


I will follow him

Springtime for Hitler

Nazis, Let's Dance!

The Nazi Woman

Horst Wessel


Sex Crime

Sergei Bondarchuk recreates the Battle of Waterloo using 15,000 soldiers and 2,000 cavalrymen. The French Cavalry Charge (Imagine trying to co-ordinate 17,000 dancers and 2,000 horses with explosions and aerial photography...)

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