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Chris Port Blog #219. How To Frame A Research Proposal for A T.I.E. (Theatre In Education) Business

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Dear *****

Re: Central School of Speech and Drama
Professional Education Settings Project (16 February to 13 March)

I refer to our meeting on 28 January.

Thank you for lending me **** ******'s outline plot synopsis and first draft script based on the life of **** ******. Please find these enclosed together with A History Of The Holocaust .

As agreed, I have prepared the following proposals based on my conversation with *** and yourself.

Proposals for a strategy to present plays commissioned by *********** Theatre to secondary schools for a target age range of 13 year olds (Year 8 - Key Stage 3 of the national curriculum).

  1. An investigation into the suitability of **** ******'s  play about the life of **** ****** (and possible future plays on the themes of religion and family) mapped against the general requirements and criteria of the national curriculum (specifically: History, Religious Education and Personal and Social Education).
  2. A pilot scheme to investigate any implications of school policy requirements on future drafts of **** ******'s play (and possible future plays on the themes of religion and family). Due to the comparatively short term of my placement, the remit of this pilot scheme will confine itself to a small number of secondary schools in the Greater London area (although I may also take advice from personal acquaintances teaching in secondary schools under Essex Education Authority).
  3. Research into likely venues at secondary schools in the Greater London area and the setting-up of an initial database (to be expanded).
  4. An investigation into possible marketing strategies and teacher pack styles in order to obtain bookings at secondary schools.
  5. A consideration of possible 'house styles' for advertising aimed at secondary school audiences.

Please let me know if these proposals meet with your requirements or whether you would like to make any alterations.

Suggested Timetable

I agree with your suggestion that I should briefly tour with the company to London schools at the beginning of my placement to gain a 'feel' for ***********'s ethos in performance. After this, I would like to suggest that I work 'on-site' at *********** for three days a week (say Monday to Wednesday?) with two days 'off-site' to conduct my research and evaluation at Central (I will have access to reference material and databases at Central which are not transferrable to ***********).

There are several pre-arranged exceptions to this timetable which I have detailed below:

  • Monday 23 or Tuesday 24 February
  • Wednesday 25 February

At some time on either Monday 23 February or Tuesday 24 February I will be needed at Central for a two hour technical rehearsal. Unfortunately, the rehearsal times have not yet been allocated but I will notify you of this as soon as I know. In any event, I will make up the time by coming into *********** during one of my 'off-site' days.

On Wednesday 25 February I will need to leave *********** early (say at 3 p.m.?) to attend a dress rehearsal at 5 p.m.

In addition to the above, the following arrangements have been scheduled during my suggested 'off-site' days:

  • Thursday 19 February (3 p.m. to 5 p.m. rehearsal).
  • Thursday 26 February (5 p.m. to 6 p.m. performance).
  • Friday 27 February (all day seminar and evening performance).

Please let me know if my suggested timetable is suitable or whether you would like to make any alterations.

While considering my timetable, please also bear in mind that I have already started researching the requirements of the national curriculum and compiling a database of likely secondary schools to survey. This process needs to be started early due to the predictable delay in obtaining replies and the fact that my placement coincides with schools’ half-term week. My early research means that I will have to sacrifice a significant part of my current academic time with a heavy workload schedule which will have to be made up later.

I will contact you soon to check whether these arrangements are suitable and look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely

Chris Port

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