Saturday, 5 March 2011

Chris Port Blog #112. 'Shoot The Messenger'.

Shoot The Messenger. Does anyone recall watching this BBC TV play (first broadcast in 2006)? It was very controversial - so controversial that, over 4 years later, I still can’t find a single clip on the internet.

As a white liberal teacher, I remember squirming uncomfortably at the start. My initial impression was “this is some middle-class ‘black-on-black’ backlash against ‘losers’ playing the race card”. Then I realized it was challenging a completely different set of prejudices. I was totally gripped and defamiliarised (in the Brechtian sense) - free to throw away easy clich├ęs and face difficult questions head on. Brilliant, thought-provoking drama about race, culture and identity in 21st century Britain. But… that’s me speaking as a not yet dead white male author. I would welcome different points of view. If anyone knows where I can get hold of a DVD copy - or find clips on the internet - I would be very grateful.

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