Thursday, 10 February 2011

Blog #88. Marty Gull Dramatis Personae

Marty Gull 
(Or How To Write A Revenge Musical)
© Chris Port, 2010
All rights reserved.

“Dramagate... A sordid tale of breakdowns and cover-ups... The state of the nation... Corruption and betrayal... Blacklisting and whitewashing... The dark arts of politics... The kid gloves of murder...”

Dramatis Personae

(a disembodied voice)

Lucie Fur 
(a mindless body)

Dr. Richard Horquine 
(a scientist and an atheist)

Muhammad ‘Solly’ O’Brien 
(a confused religious fundamentalist)

Marty Gull 
(a drama teacher and a gullible martyr)

Eric Hevel 
(a Headmaster and an ‘Architect’)

Rex Thomas 
(a Head of Department, near retirement and sometime narrator)

Katie de Ville 
(an up and coming school management type)

Bob Ratner 
(a music teacher and an amdram neverwas)

Tippi Marsh 
(a starlet, ruthless wannabee and tragic dupe)

Mickey Constantine 
(Tippi’s boyfriend, jealous, suspicious and ambitious)

Dr Hadrian Constantine 
(Mickey’s father, a history lecturer and an ‘Architect’)

Joseann Mordha 
(Tippi’s friend and another starlet)

DCI Roger Mordha
(Joseann’s father, a police officer and an ‘Architect’)

Felipe Mueller 
(an ambitious local business magnate and an ‘Architect’)

The Mueller Family 
(various roles in business, education and entertainment)

Ewar Woowar 
(an investigative reporter with a phobia of the letter ‘d’)

Theo Bernstein 
(a ghostly composer and assistant investigative reporter)

‘Sore Throat’ 
(an informant)

Plus full Chorus of Spies and Hitmen
(“Will no one rid me of this troublesome teacher?”)

Introducing assorted actors, comedians, dancers, poets, singers, students, teachers, wannabees and writers
(“We know perfectly well that Marty Gull is innocent. Why else would he be here? If he were truly guilty, there are a hundred schools where they would lock him away. But here is where they put the ones they’re ashamed of.”)

And probably including Schrödinger (a disturbed cat and destroyer of empires)
(“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping kitten and fill him with a terrible resolve.”)

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