Sunday, 27 February 2011

Chris Port Blog #109. “Anyone without a sense of horror has no sense of humour…” (Marty Gull)

Just rewatched all three episodes of A History of Horror by Mark Gatiss. Thoroughly recommended.

Gatiss and I seem to have had spookily similar childhoods…

“… The cinema is where we come to share a collective dream, and horror films are the most dreamlike of all, perhaps because they engage with our nightmares…”

“… Of all the things that have inspired me as a writer and actor, horror films have been the most important. I still have very vivid and very happy memories of staying up late in the 1970s to watch double bills of Hammer films and old Universal films.  I was always, as my mum used to say, a very morbid child, and I was totally crackers about horror films. I used to even watch pro celebrity golf just in case Christopher Lee used to pop up - as he occasionally did. I think what always appealed to me most was just the sense of going into a different realm; a realm of shadows and suggestion and spookiness…”


The Cinemassacre shorts are required viewing for anyone interested in horror films. I would say they’re required viewing for anyone interested in film – full stop. More enlightening than a year of lectures. All available on You Tube.

Check out the blog and other film genres:

I totally agree with his recap…

“And speaking of the classics, it seems at this point almost every classic horror movie has been remade. The turn of the century’s been polluted with remakes; remakes of movies that aren’t even that old; remakes of movies that have already been remade; remakes of sequels; remakes of really famous movies; remakes of less famous ones; and prequels. It’s no doubt that originality has been down the shitter. But if you look in the right spots, there’s still some refreshing and scary movies out there…”

Creepy spiders cobwebbing our education system are bad enough. But dusty young people? That’s far worse. Dull young people are starting to bore me to death… Literally. I’m a literate man, not a literal one. So - a plea to all young people out there. Please start being imaginative! Ok, you live in a shit era. That’s not your fault. But you’re just sandwiched between a great past and a great future. So check out the great past first. Then do something imaginative with it…

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