Thursday, 24 February 2011

Chris Port Blog #105. Haiku Hokum

© Chris Port, February 2011

Lamia Sees A Haiku

The lambs are in spring,

wintered hearts are gambolling
- the green mint, growing.

Cutback Travel Haiku

Talk about the poor!

Take a look at the Third World!
Just open your door.

Half Glass Haiku

I say it’s half full.
You argue it’s half empty.
The gas bubbles rise.

Jasmine Ryokan

Windows crash worldwide
moon appears out of the blue
like a screensaver.

Libyan Ryokan

Gaddafi, leave it behind:

your flag,
now a crescent.

Urban Foxes Haiku

Foxy stilettos
in springtime stab at concrete,
then dance on your cheek.

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