Saturday, 29 January 2011

Chris Port Blog #73. The Sonnet of the Middle Class Marriage

© Chris Port, Central School of Speech and Drama, 2000 

Dear Audience! Cynics! Now we approach
A point where Romantics must lesson take;
For to put it bluntly, Love is a poke
In your one good eye for Marriage’s sake!
For whom but a blind man would marry for love?
Let his sight be cleared by our hard-edged tale!
A Middle-Class Marriage is not enough
To stay together when the Contract’s failed!
Now: a man’s judged not by colour of skin,
Nor even his content of character,
But the size of his Wallet! That’s the thing
Which in the end will always attract her!
Love has thorns and Poverty pales her!
Marry! Man is sworn then born to Failure!

His marriage in ruins,
betrayed by his wife,
these failures put you in
a bad mood for life.

A love-rat successful
at home in his bed,
his failure more stressful,
it gnawed in his head.

He hurt so he shot her
but who is to blame?
Is a man born to failure?
Who set up this game?

His guilt breaks the silence!
“I’ve murdered my son!”
For failure breeds violence.
And that is the lesson.

So now we reach our un-happy ending.
Rich and poor can now embrace.
Once the cash is not a problem
Happy endings can take place!

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